SX: With the win on Friday and second place on Saturday, Carl Ostermann’s back on the winning track!

At the opening event of the ADAC SX Cups in Stuttgart, the ten-year-old from Bonn gave a commanding performance. And he threw in a lesson on “lapping” for free.

It couldn’t have gone better on Friday. With the fastest time in training and qualifier, the holeshot and then a clear win, the mood was high. Even the local favorites Paul Bloy and Max Thunecke, who placed second and third in the German Championship 65cc 2014, couldn’t keep up with the tempo Carl set and had to settle for second (Thunecke) and third (Bloy).

Saturday started out the same. Carl was the first out of the gate and was also still in lead going around the first turn. But he had to fight hard to keep this position. Max Thunecke kept getting better throughout the race, putting significant pressure on from behind. And then in the third lap before the end he took his chance. While lapping Carl faltered, and Thunecke took advantage of the hole that had opened up and he was out in front. Carl tried everything, but with a 1.5 second lead Thunecke took home the title. The third place finisher, as on Friday, was Paul Bloy.

Carl on Saturday’s race:

“That really should have gone down that way! I was just too cautious when lapping, and I lost track of what was happening on the course around me. Then Max was suddenly right next to me, and I had no idea where he came from so fast! And Collin (my coach) had even made a point to remind me to watch out for exactly this situation!”



Final Race: 1st


Final Race: 1st