SX: After two hard-fought race days in Zuidbroek, positive results for Carl Ostermann!

With two commanding victories in the SX3 SW (small wheels) class and qualifying for both SX3 finals, everything was going according to plan for Carl.

It’s not easy but it is doable. Having taken up the challenge ride in the small wheels events and as well as the qualifiers for both the SX3 finals at the Int. Dutch Supercross, the bar was high for Carl, especially considering the number of top-notch international riders on the racetrack.

After a good debut, Carl was in place 5 in his qualification group on Saturday after practice and time practice, and so he had a good chance to secure a place in the final out of the qualifier. The eleven-year-old won the qualifying heat with a holeshot, creating a bit of a sensation. In the final, Carl finished the race in ninth place.

On Sunday everything was also going according to plan until the end of the qualifier. Carl was in place 5 and just short of the finish line when he crashed in the sand, forcing him to start in the Last Chance Race. With a clear win, the youngster secured a place in the final. After a poor start, he was able to come in at place 11.

Carl after the long weekend:

“I’m just glad that I made it into the Finals. I was counting on that. Actually it should have gone a bit better, but my head wasn’t really in the game enough to really push it to the limit with the kind of speed these riders have. Now I’m looking forward to Leipzig — my first SX3 race in front of a German crowd.”



Qualifier: 1st
Finale: 9th
SX3 sw: 1st


Qualifier: 12th (Crash)
Last Chance: 1st
Finale: 11th
SX3 sw: 1st