SX: After a strong first showing, Carl Ostermann just short of a podium finish!

After the time practice, it was clear that Carl had the potential finish near the top in his Supercross debut competing in the SX3-Class (85cc). After the holeshot and a second place finish in the qualifier, everything seemed to be falling into place for a promising main race in the Area47.

With a second holeshot, everything was going as planned until the Austrian title contender Marcel Stauffer pulled off a dubious maneuver and knocked Carl off his bike in the first lap. With a healthy portion of courage and determination, the eleven year old FOX-youngster fought his way through to a seventh place finish, but of course the race had already been won.

The winner was the Austian national champion René Hofer (13 years old) followed by Marcel Stauffer (14 years old) and the Slovenian Maks Mausser (13 years old).

Carl after the Finale:

“I’m really frustrated! After leading out of the gate, I should’ve had a good chance to finish in the top 3. Despite that the SX Kick Off in Area47 was a blast — just a great event. I’ll be back next year for sure!”


Quali Race: 2nd
Finale: 7th