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Not spectacular, but effective. Carl Ostermann improving day by day at the SX Marathon in Dortmund!

Int. ADAC Supercross Dortmund (GER) ADAC SX Cup 2019/2020
10.-12. January 2020
Although still struggling with a flu, Carl was able to qualify directly for the Main Events on all three days. With his quali lap times, the fifteen-year-old from Bonn was in the top ten of the strong international riders-field.
January 13th, 2020|Race Reports SX|

Carl Ostermann with a strong overall performance in the TOP 10!

Int. ADAC Supercross Chemnitz (GER) ADAC SX Cup 2019/2020
29./30. November 2019
At the Int. ADAC Supercross in Chemnitz (GER), the fifteen-year-old Rookie from Bonn had to compete against international top-class riders from Europe and the USA.
December 2nd, 2019|Race Reports SX|

First step is done; Carl Ostermann is part of the SX2 Inter-Class!

International Dutch Supercross, Zuidbroek (NL)
02./03. November 2019
As the first season-event, the Int. Dutch Supercross (Zuidbroek, NL) opens the European SX-Indoors. The event is a welcome opportunity for last tests and preparations for the upcoming championships and therefore on the schedule of top riders from Europe and the US.
November 6th, 2019|Race Reports SX|

Positive start into the Arenacross Tour 2019; Podium for Carl Ostermann in Belfast!

Int. AX Arenacross Tour 2019 (AXUK), Belfast (NIR) (AX Rookie Cup)
18./19. January 2019
The weekend brought the start of the AX Arenacross Tour 2019 in Belfast for FOX youngster Carl Ostermann.
January 19th, 2019|Race Reports SX|
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