International ADAC SX Masters Stuttgart, Germany
Carl Ostermann makes it to the podium on Saturday, but real joy didn´t want to arise!

At the first stop of the International ADAC SX Masters Series in Stuttgart, Carl was not able to build on his success of having both fastest training and qualifying times, and finished with 2nd place on Saturday and 4th place on Friday. In the first race especially nothing seemed to come together. A place on the podium was just a minor consolation.

Coach Sep Tortelli on Saturday evening after the second race:

“More needs to be done from the starting position. Carl’s performance, in terms of technique, was excellent, and he had the fastest lap times of all over the whole weekend. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t able to convert this into success in his two final races. Carl is just too passive at the start. This is something we will work on!”



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R1: 4

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