SX: Carl Ostermann dominates in Dortmund taking the win on all three days for his fourth triple!

Event: Int. ADAC Supercross Dortmund (D)
Date: January, 09th-11th 2015
With a commanding performance, the MAOAM junior rider seized his fourth “triple” cheered on by a 10,000 strong sell-out crowd in the Westfallenhalle (Dortmund).

SX: With the win on Friday and second place on Saturday, Carl Ostermann’s back on the winning track!

Event: Int. ADAC Supercross Stuttgart (D)
Date: November,14th-15th 2014
At the opening event of the ADAC SX Cups in Stuttgart, the ten-year-old from Bonn gave a commanding performance.

SX: Carl Ostermann went to the podium twice at the kickoff for the SX Season in Zuidbroek (NL)!

Event: Int. Dutch Supercross, Zuidbroek (NL)
Date: November,08th-09th 2014
Carl started the SX Season 2014/2015 with a solid performance and two trips to the podium (2/2).
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