SX: Carl Ostermann dominates in Dortmund taking the win on all three days for his fourth triple!

With a commanding performance, the MAOAM junior rider seized his fourth “triple” cheered on by a 10,000 strong sell-out crowd in the Westfallenhalle (Dortmund).

Carl, who got down to business with a slick and flawless performance, held his ground right for the start and set the tone for all three race days. The international competitors didn’t have a chance against the ten-year-old, who consequently followed his coach Collin Dugmore’s strategy “start, win and get out of there”, and he broke out of the pack and never let himself get backed into a corner.

K38A6240-dortmundMatti Jorgensen (DK), Carl’s biggest rival who’s been tipped by many insiders as a clear title contender, had to settle for a second place finish in each race. Trevis Verburgh (B) was able to pull off a third place finsh on Friday.

Carl after the SX-Marathon on Sunday evening:

“Dortmund is my home field and I wanted to win bad. A few weeks ago in Holland, Matti was even faster and it was clear that it wasn’t going to be easy for me here. Because I was able to keep out in front after the starts, I could set my own tempo and didn’t have to take any unnecessary risks; that was of course a big advantage!”



Final Race: 1st


Final Race: 1st


Final Race: 1st